It's So Not Formal

4.9.09 Ali Moore 2 Comments

More pictures of the house!

This is technically our "formal" living room, but it's not formal at all. It's our TV room because Andrew's huge TV fits best in this room as opposed to the family room.

We bought this couch as a wedding present to each other right before we got married. It's a good Sunday afternoon nap couch. :) We'd really like to get an area rug to place in front of our couch to make this room a bit more cosy, but we'll most likely wait until Franklin is potty-trained. He currently has a habit of peeing on the floor mats and bathroom rugs in our house. Not good.

Pictures on our shelves (which P.S. are soo hard to hang!) - framed save-the-date from our wedding and a great picture of Andrew and I heading down the aisle after we said our I-do's. Here's a little closer pic: I'm looking to add more decor to this room eventually - need a few more splashes of green.

Franklin and his toy basket. :)
Really the only thing we had to do to this room is paint. The beadboard used to be white, and I'm just not a white wall kind of girl so we painted this room a nice khaki color. The trim and crown molding needs to be touched up, but that's definitely at the end of our project list. Too many other things to do before then!

Entryway table - the vase of flowers is actually my bouquet from our wedding. My mom was a rock star and dried them for me. I love, love them in our house.

There is a really cute paper store in Wichita, and they always have very unique pretty paper, plus fun cards and gifts. I bought this paper and the matching frames (from Target) a few weeks ago. The paper has great texture, and I like the pattern - kind of looks like roses.

Love this feature of our house - great big windows in our front room looking out onto our small front porch and street. Trying to add a bit more of the white accent with our drapes.

Okay - this is an upcoming project, and I thought it would be a great before and after story for the blog. This is our current guest bedroom. I bought the white iron frame from Nebraska Furniture Mart during one of our numerous trips to Kansas City this summer for weddings. It's really cute, but just looks so blah right now because of the drab walls. I am going to paint the walls and trim in this room - SOON! Hopefully. I'm thinking maybe next weekend if I have enough energy when we get back from our vacation.

This is what I'm thinking for a color-scheme. Maybe paint the walls a dark-ish blue/slate color. And, then accent with just a bit of orangey-red and more creamy white and khaki. I just don't want to go too Americana - I don't want a themed room. By the way, the footboard bench was a DIY project. I got this cedar chest from my grandma as an 8th-grade graduation present. Just this past year I painted it and re-upholstered the seat. Turned out soo cute.

Anyways, this is the inspiration for my future guest room. Cute curtains from World Market. Pretty much encompasses the colors I want to incorporate.
Send me positive thoughts for motivation to get this room done!


  1. I LOVE all of it!! It is beautiful. ps... we have those shelves in white.. and I think it might have sparked our first marital dispute... they suck!

  2. You have such a great decorating style! I love your house, too. What is the name of the paper store you go to in Wichita? It sounds fun!