18.9.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Random funny things that happened yesterday:

1. Andrew and I were driving to Lowe's to pick out the paint color for the guest room (which I am going to try and paint this weekend). We are almost there when he says, "Shoot/sh*t (whichever you think Andrew would actually say), that Pizza Hut is fancy!"

Those are two words you didn't ever expect in the same sentence, huh? I bust out laughing and tell him he is really white trash if he thinks a Pizza Hut can be fancy. Joke of the night. Funniest part, we ate at this FANCY Italian Bistro Pizza Hut for dinner. :)

2. Franklin loves baths. I think it's because he spent so much time in the tub when we first got him because he was a flea-ball. He hadn't had a bath in a while so Andrew and I decided to give him one last night. He just can't wait to get in the tub!