Home Sweet Home

16.9.09 Ali Moore 2 Comments

We're back! I have decided it's always nice to get away and experience new things and places, but there's no place like home. I must have been in Kansas too long - like the Wizard of Oz reference? :)

For our one year anniversary, we traveled to the Dominican Republic and stayed at an all-inclusive resort for six days. There is just nothing like laying by the ocean with nothing to do but watch the waves roll in - such a great way to relax! I still don't know why I live in a land-locked state. Also a great reading background...I sped through the Time Traveler's Wife while we were laying out. Has anyone else read this book - so good? Can't wait to go see the movie. I just always have to read the book before I see the movie - books are always better.

Check out some pics...our view last week:

There were palm trees everywhere so you could spread out and get sun or shade on the beach. We did both, but more shade for a few days. We both got burnt the first day. I know Mom, we reapplied our sunscreen, but the sun is hot! Glad we took that new bottle of aloe with us!

More pictures of the resort:
Just hanging out in a tree.
Showering after a jaunt into the ocean.
Now for a few random pics:

Fresh of the plane - get me to the beach! Waiting for our luggage...
There were topless mermaid statues everywhere...little did we know this was the norm. We were literally the only American tourists at this resort. Everyone else was European and loved to show off their tatas - little, big, you name it.
Wish you were here photo...
Just a little mid-day snooze...
Okay, now for some of the details. We really did have fun so keep that in mind after you read the next points. So glad we were able to go somewhere to celebrate our one year anniversary. However, not so sure if our expectations were off or what, but there were a few random/weird things about the resort/DR:
1. Right after you get off of the plane, you have to pay a tourist tax, $10/person. I think this is weird, but government enforced so we pay and each of us gets a tourist card. Okay, so maybe we give this back when we leave. Nope, just walk literally five feet and hand it back. They should have saved their time and just asked for a $20. Welcome to the Domincan!
2. Our electricity went out (and stayed off for a while) twice in three nights. No explanation. Weird.
3. Some of the staff was very helpful and friendly. Some of the staff not so much. I'm not asking to be waited on hand and foot, but please at least acknowledge my question.
4. On our second to last day, Andrew and I woke up with rashes, exhibit A and B.

First thought - we have bed bugs. Second thought - we have heat rash. Third thought - we are allergic to something at the resort. Still have no idea what happened...but they are getting better.

Cheers to more happy anniversaries. Love my hubs!


  1. Ok, so I have been dying to read that book and I have it on hold at the library. I checked today and I am number 181 on the waiting list (down from 320) luckily they have 60 copies. Your trip looked fun! get excited for Napa!

  2. I'm so jealous of your trip! I'm in desperate need of a vacation!! And that book really is awesome, I loved it!