4.9.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Okay, I am way behind on new posts.

Last weekend was so great because the weather was beautiful! I am very sad to see summer go since it's my favorite season, but it was awesome to be outside and enjoy the cooler temperatures. Plus, cooler temps only mean college football season is back! Woohoo!

Andrew and I stayed in on Friday night to tackle a project that's been on my to-do list since we moved in - painting the trim and woodwork in my office. Now, for the record, Andrew is totally against this. He thinks painting over wood is dumb. But, it looks so bright and fresh, plus several of the rooms in our house already have painted trim, so we need to finish what the previous owners started to get consistency and better flow. After 3+ coats, we finally finished on Sunday! It was a lengthy project because of all of the intricate taping - we have cute paneled windows that equal lots of detailed taping. But, now that it's done I can finally start hanging curtains and other decor I have been putting off.

A few pictures to show my fun new office!

New wall color - Valspar Olive Sawdust, with new trim color - Valspar Cream Delight.
New curtains - World Market (Side note - I can't show you the other window because I accidentally only bought two panels of curtains instead of four - so annoying. When I went to buy the remaining two, they were out. So, came home and ordered them online. I'm hoping they come tomorrow!)

New rug in front of my desk - World Market

Office file storage - we actually used this cabinet in our apartment bathroom for towel storage, but found a new use for it once we moved. :)
The cute black and white hat box is from Hobby Lobby and it has lots of fun wedding memories in it - wine corks, cards, notes, etc.

I think these vintage postcards are so cute, so I decided to start collecting them - one for each place I've lived. Now that I've noted this, I'm realizing I don't have one for Oklahoma - my birth place. Need to track that one down! These are hung right above the light switch to the left when you walk in the room.

Red leather desk chair - bought that from Abode Home in downtown Wichita before we moved. Love it!

Still need to hang these things up - I love that engagement picture! I'm thinking of hanging this stuff up on the wall to the left of my desk and finding a cute white-framed corkboard I can use to hang pictures, notes, etc.
I will try and remember to take more pictures once the office is 1)clean and 2)complete with everything on the walls so you can see the finished product.

We also went to the Wichita Air Festival with our friends Mitch and Jenny. It was a really fun way to spend Saturday afternoon.

We grilled steaks (#7, of course) on Saturday night. Sunday, Andrew and I were finishing up the painting in my office and just couldn't stand being inside when it was so pretty out, so we played catch out in the backyard for a while.

Franklin was not interested in our game so made up his own. He loves running through the landscaping along the fence in the back of the yard. He is so cute when he pops up in between the plants. Here's a few pictures to prove it, and I don't think I'm biased.

I know everyone thinks this, but my dog really is the cutest. :)