The Patch

30.10.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Our pumpkins are carved, the candy is bought.  
And hidden because I have zero willpower when it comes to fun size candy goodness that I manage to avoid the rest of the year. 
We've done a dress rehearsal with is too big and one too small, 
but I'm telling myself that just adds to the charm of a baby and toddler dressed up in head-to-toe trick-or-treat gear.
If our Halloween tomorrow is anything like our trip to the pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago, 
we are going to have the best time tomorrow with these littles.  
It's really wonderful seeing the world through your children's eyes.  
Such grand adventures and pleasure out of the simplest things.
Does parenthood just get better and better as your children get older?  
 We told Henry he couldn't ride the hayrack ride tractor wagon back if he didn't sit and take a picture with his sister.  
I think I read somewhere that consistency is the number one rule in parenting and bribery is the second.
Girlfriend wanted the biggest pumpkin she could find, but Andrew squashed her big pumpkin dreams next to the pay price/pound sign.  Sorry Sis.  We'll work on him.
I remember thinking last year how much fun Henry had at the pumpkin patch 
(the pretty one, not the closer one that we ended up at this year due to a little schedule/timing issue), 
but this year he really had fun.  
I would imagine next year ups the ante again.

The best is yet to be.

And that gives me time to clean those filthy white tights.