Happy Halloween!

31.10.14 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Does tying a pink ribbon on a pre-made bear costume then qualify it as maybe semi-homemade?  
It's a wee bit of a stretch, I realize.
I've pieced together Henry's first two years of costumes 
and then had grand ideas of making get-ups for my two littles to be Green Eggs and Ham this year. 
(I think you know who would be the Ham.)
But about two weeks ago as I was figuring out the logistics of it all, 
I panicked a little and didn't think Henry would wear a huge homemade clunky ham around trick-or-treating
especially when his little friends were all sorts of cute characters.  
Andrew has always called Henry Bear, and once Nelle came along she easily became Sister Bear.
When we put their costumes on for the first time a couple of days ago, Nelle couldn't stop looking at Henry and giggling.  I can see why.  
I think cuddling with these two little cubs and sneaking their candy once we're home tonight from trick-or-treating 
is going to be a lot better than a plateful of green food.  
Happy Halloween to all!

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  1. Have you seen ..... http://lovedbyhannahandeli.myshopify.com/collections/mama-bear-gear

    We have a couple 'Bears' at our house too! I love the mama stuff myself!