the peak

17.10.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Wooooeeee, we made it through another week!

I think it's safe to say I'm in the peak of my busy season (hooray!), which makes me think I've really got this, and it should be downhill from here.  But actually, the peak is probably another two weeks long, and then I can start my decent out of at least one photo shoot nearly every day, 
and settle back into a more focused presence with my family.  

There's been a lot of early mornings, and working during naps and Sesame Street for Ham, and post-bedtime trips to my computer, 
and I'm keeping up with some aspects of life, but not others.

Like laundry.

Why does it always turn into a three-day event?  
Sort into piles, start the first load of wash, even get it moved into the drier, and a second load started, only to then stall the rest of the day, maybe fold a load, too tired to put it away.  On day two I just ignore the still semi-sorted piles on the floor of my bedroom, vowing to start again at naptime, 
and maybe I do.  (Or don't.)  And then on day three, I kick it into gear and everyone has clean clothes again.  For maybe three days.  

So right now, instead of a three-day laundry marathon, it's just turned into more of a constant cycle of trying to catch up, and then deciding maybe the kids will just stay in their jammies for longer than normal until I get a load finished in time to get them dressed in pants and tops fresh from the drier in order to leave for errands for the day.
 Most hilarious failed kiss-attempt ever.


There's nothing like a sign to slow down like pulling the back door closed of the Tahoe on top of your head with as much force as you can because you're trying to get everything from the car into the house before your toddler lets the dog out of the backdoor again only to find him 
(the dog, not the toddler) sprinting down the street towards freedom.


Today, after the house was semi-clean (because these days semi is good enough), for once, we had nowhere to go, 
except for into our backyard to play on our new-to-us play set.
Thinking of throwing mulch...
 ...good decision.

Not exactly what I was thinking of when we decided to freshen up our space, but probably even better.

 Girlfriend's pretty pleased just to get propped up at the end of the slide.
Okay, really pleased.

Here's to working hard and playing hard this weekend.  We're going to do both.