E! The answer is e.

25.9.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I'm not sure who's been telling Henry about my blog posts, but yesterday when I read him his latest most favorite book, I read, "M is for mountain, N is for newspaper, O is for owl, P is for pretty, Q is for quicksand..." and he flipped the page back to P and said, "And Mommy pretty!!"  

So I guess the answer to my multiple choice question is 
e) toddlers will make you smile bigger than you have ever before.
Also, they only tell the truth.

We're parting ways for the weekend tomorrow, kids in Manhattan, Andrew at home, and me in Kansas City.  
We'll sure miss our purple party on Saturday all together.

Last week the kids came to tailgate with us for a bit.

 Nelle wore herself out from all her cheering.

Henry ate his weight in fruit salsa, brownies and sour worms.  
And then planted a big wet one on one of his best toddler girls, Arden.  Could not love more her sweet smile afterwards.  
 Hiding because he didn't want to go home when we went into the game.  Almost made me consider taking him in for the second game in a row.  Almost.
We're usually in and out of Manhattan so quickly for game days, but since Andrew had all of Friday off after the game Thursday night we stayed through lunch and made a couple of quick trips to show the kids how their parents used to be a lot more fun.  

I think that's what they'll think of us one day, although while we were in the car getting ready to drive through campus, Henry told us he wanted to go to K-State.  And obviously we told him we could.  And then he asked me to go with him.  So I said yes.  
It's practically a written contract so I guess it's official...see you in Manhattan in 2031.
I wonder if I'll catch him on the back of a moped in a gorilla suit like someone else I know...whatever the case, 
and when he goes to college, he'll be a frat boy too and he'll learn to love the Pi Phis like his daddy used to do.  ;)