annual apple orchard ADVENTURE!

29.9.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Two weeks ago (gosh, how has it already been that long ago?!) our little playgroup packed lunches 
and headed north for our second annual apple orchard adventure.  

--  And yes, I do think the word adventure is appropriate.  --
Anytime there's a stick with poky things attached to it coming at your face full-speed it automatically qualifies as an adventure.

This adventure was full of apple eating, a bit of apple picking, and a teeny herd of sand-throwing, hand-holding, buffet-style-eating, hot, sweaty tots.  

And probably the last where Nelle just sits on a blanket and takes it all in because girlfriend just this past weekend decided maybe it is worth it to get out of the sitting position once in a while and is officially on the move with the funniest crouch/crawl you've ever seen at almost ten months old.
It's going to make things interesting since I have a feeling Henry will continue to go check out the next row of trees on his own before the group is ready, just like he continues to photobomb Nelle's chance in front of the camera.  (And you know there are plenty of those to go around at my house.)
 Maybe he will think it's just as fun to walk everywhere holding his sister's hand like he does with Minnie?  
And proudly proclaims, "I walking Minnie!" as he parades her up and down between the rows of trees.  
I love getting to spend this time with my two babes as they experience things for the first time and then start to build traditions and memories.  
And doing it with this bunch is even sweeter. 
Hottest, sweatiest, dirtiest toddler award goes to...Ham!  He knew he was a shoe-in.  I think he even had a speech prepared. 
Until next year gorgeous apple orchard.
P.S. You can check out our first annual apple orchard adventure here...
but don't blame me if you get a little teary-eyed seeing just how much these littles have grown.  
Or maybe that's just a public-service reminder of myself.  ;)

P.S.S. I'll share what we did with our apples once we got home later this week!