dollar daze

14.9.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Nothing sounds better than crawling into bed right now, except for maybe first having a bit of the apple cobbler a la mode my mom made for us while she and my dad stayed at our house this weekend watching the kids as we attended the next-to-last wedding of our season of seven nuptials this year. 
They cook, they clean, and they keep Ham and Nelle safe and happy at our house no less so they are nothing short of amazing.  And they bake cobbler.  Amazing.
But, first, I want to share our day trip to the state fair last Monday before this blog gets away from me as I've been marathon editing last week 
and will be again this week to keep up with the busy season of client work.
A few of us from our little play group made the trip again and just so happened to choose to go on dollar day where we thought 
"oh good, it's just a dollar to get in!", but now think after actually attending on dollar day "never ever will I go again on dollar day."

It's worth it to pay full price and avoid the crazy busy crowd while navigating with five moms, five strollers, and a slew of eight children, the oldest only three.  That's pretty much a caravan of diapers, wipes, sippy cups, snacks, shoes being flung from strollers, pacifiers being dropped, 
and sunscreened-up toddlers navigating through a hot, sticky dollar day crowd.   

We saw animals, we pet animals, we ate state fair corn dogs, we missed the pig races (darn it! next year for sure!), we walked and walked and walked.  
And clearly this little group had NO fun.

But my favorite part might have been at the end when we rode the little train around the fair together, and Henry asked "hol my hannnn?" when it started chug chug chugging.

Any time. Any day. Anywhere.

That, and Nelle looking like a blue-ribbon babe in her best state fair outfit.