this week

22.8.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Yesterday morning I found myself sprinting to our front door with Henry pittering and pattering behind me as fast as he could,
grinning ear-to-ear because...

...the trash truck was coming.  

You would think I had screamed, "Santa Clause!!" (or Willie!! because Henry knows way more about our favorite Wildcat than the 'ol jolly fellow)
the way he scampered to get a look at the almighty trash truck across the street.  

The things I find myself doing as a mother these days are in no way what I had dreamed up when Andrew and I prayed and wished and longed for the chance to do parenthood together.  They are hilarious, and trying, and exhausting, and belly-laugh good, and sentimental, and fulfilling,
and better than expected.

This week...

...Henry saw a school bus as we were out running errands. 
"Yes, Henry, that's a school bus."  
"I wanna go school." 

Oh my gosh, my heart just broke a little bit.  Don't grow up so fast.  I'm not ready for you to do that yet.

...Nelle had her first ice cream cone.  Because she's eight months and should?  Or because that's one of the perks of being the second child. 
Your parents aren't quite the rule-followers they once were with your older brother.

...Henry asked me if I had a penis while we were at the pool.

...Nelle thought about crawling for a hot second, but decided she'd rather just reach for us to pick her up
because girlfriend is too precious to crawl right now.  Her words, not mine.

...Henry tried on my hot pink lipstick while I was busy feeding his sister.  
(And it was totally his color.)

...We went took Franklin to the vet for his check up and surely gave the vet tech a free dose of birth control with our own personal zoo in the 8'x8' exam room.  And hosted dinner with our neighbors on Tuesday night.  And went to Target.  And two banks.  And the park.  And the pool (three times!).  And pizza at the pool.  And a truck ride.  And to play in the fountains.  And on walks.  And cleaned the house twice, emptied the dishwasher five times,
and put away toys one billion times.

And we made it to Friday.  Friday evening with both kids tucked in tight even.

We've had our moments this week, and par for the course,
there have been A LOT of timeouts lately,
but this week I choose to remember all of this instead.
(If you follow me on Instagram, you caught a glimpse of most of this already, but if not, you can follow my little zoo @aliloureemoore.)

Happy weekend to all!