Spilled Milk

11.8.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Well, as much as I'd like to say that after crying over spilled milk (literally, just mopped up spilled milk tonight), 
I got my act together, had a sparkling clean house for the weekend, and have kept it up since.

What actually happened was, neither the kids or I felt all that great on Friday, and we spent much of the weekend just working on feeling better, 
and enjoying one of our last full weekends at home this summer as the season starts to slip between our fingers.
 Those toes!  Swoon.

Nelle had her first taste of our Saturday morning tradition - homemade pancakes.   Franklin got extra long walks.  We made it to church as close to almost on time pretty much since we had Nelle eight months ago.  And made it to breakfast out afterwards where Ham had another helping of "Mitty pantates!" (Mickey pancakes) for the second time that weekend.  And then once we got home and put Nelle down for her morning nap, he snuck out the back door as usual to play outside in the dirt.  And the grass.  And the mulch.  And the rocks.  

And tracked it all inside minutes later.

It's just the phase we're in.  
(Repeat, repeat, repeat.)

My house is full of crumbs, and milk spills, and toys scattered, and stuffed animals strewn, mismatched shoes by the door, piles of teeny tiny clothes that need to be washed, books open and half-read (some with pages that need to be taped back together), trucks on the floor that have lost their wheels, block towers just waiting to be tripped on, hand prints on the mirrors and windows and doors, and drip-drying swimsuit bottoms in the bathroom.  

It's comforting to hear from so many friends that sometimes have days or even weeks when it feels like it's all just too much.  
Who knew?  Toddler filth is second cousins with misery and also loves company.

I'm trying to be more intentional with my time - with the kids, with work, and also the moments between 
here I can squeeze in a counter cleaning, dishwasher emptying or a laundry starting minute or two.  

But, more importantly, as much as the mess feels out of control from time to time, I'm also intentionally letting it go.  
For every mess I clean, I'd clean 100 more for moments like these.