High on Weekending

11.2.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

We had one of those weekends that just leaves you feeling that all is exactly as it should be.  And what should be feels so happy.  

After both babes were in bed, Andrew and I just sat on the couch together, sometimes just watching Netflix, sometimes on the iPad, 
and every so often, one of us would say something you knew the other was already thinking.  

Like, "our little family is pretty great right now."  Or, "isn't Henry at such a funny age?"  
Or, "seriously, Nelle is such a good baby...how did we get so lucky?!."  

We would go back to unwinding to get a fresh start on the week, intermittently talking about the present, and the future, and saying just enough 
to let the other know they weren't alone in cheesing on how we were feeling about this precious life we're living.

High on weekending.    
But really.  Nelle is such a good baby that I'm really in for it later on.  
I'm fully expecting her to make my life miserable during her teenage years so we gave her two godfathers to help keep her in line.

Nelle was baptized on Sunday morning, our family was here throughout both Saturday and Sunday, 
and Henry couldn't get enough of playing with his cousins.  He's just getting to the age where he thinks older kids are just the coolest.  
Particularly when they run endless circles with him around our house.

After a good Sunday afternoon nap, we finally got the chance to take Henry sledding for the first time.  Nelle was also up from her nap, but it was too cold to get her out, so Andrew and I took turns leading Franklin around with Henry in tow, or pulling Henry up and down our street, 
in between dashing out for some quick pictures and then back into the house to tend to the babe.
Remember when Franklin was the star of this blog?  My how times have changed.

Henry's faces kill me.
 So focused and trying so hard not to let on how much fun he was having.  

There is probably more I should say to clarify that life isn't perfect as to not paint a false portrait of reality.  
But this time when she ebbs and flows into such a positive space...I'm just going to enjoy it.

This little family of mine.  So blessed.