A Mid-Week Snow Update

5.2.14 Ali Moore 1 Comments

I haven't been out of my house since Monday at noon...
if you don't count taking the trash out.  
Which I am leaning towards maybe counting it so then I won't start itching even more to plan my great escape tomorrow.

With 8+ inches of white, fluffy, beautiful snow on the ground, it makes much more sense for me and the babes to stay put than to be "gallivanting around town" as my husband so often likes to say.  It's not that we have anywhere we have to be.  Yes, there are minute errands we could run, and plenty of other snowbound households we could crash for playdates, except that we can't.  Because on top of being snowed in with two under two, we are all also dealing with head colds picked up from our trip to Hiawatha/Manhattan last week.  
A little souvenir, if you will, for Nelle's first out-of-town trip. 
   Nelle takes her nose being sucked out like a trooper possibly due to the fact that she still has no idea what's about to happen meanwhile I have to lay my entire body on Henry's to take care of his as it's turned into a two person job, but Andrew doesn't get snow days so now it's a 
sick mama givin' it all she's got alone job.
From the outside, it probably sounds not that great.  And there have definitely been trying moments.  

But I knew what was coming this week, and I prayed on Sunday night for a little extra help.  
Henry had a tough weekend as he's learning just what happens after 1,2,3 (spoiler alert - it's timeout), 
and I honestly wasn't for sure I could handle it alone.  

But Monday was a good day.  (Minus not feeling well by bedtime.)
And Tuesday was a good day.  (Despite the box of Kleenexes we blew through.)
And today was a good day.  
Nelle's safe spot.  On top of our table.
Answered prayers.
Somehow, our toys haven't gotten too boring, our games too silly, our songs too obnoxious, 
our dance parties too out of control, and helping too demanding.  
Oh this boy loves to help.  
 He helps cook; he helps bake; he helps change diapers; he helps bring blankets for Nelle; he helps Dada with the firewood; he helps pick up his toys; 
he helps give Nelle a bath; he helps empty the dishwasher.  He "helps" with whatever we'll let him.   
Sometimes taking away our normal, our outside world teaches us things.  And this week's lesson?
We all need a little help now and then.

Just ask.

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