Hi Mama

12.2.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I'm having a whew-the-day-is-done glass of wine tonight.  A you-deserve-it-mama glass of wine tonight.  And a celebratory glass of wine tonight - to making it past the first two months of two under two all in one piece, certainly in better condition than the first go 'round with Henry, 
and on most days in most moments, really, very content.  No.  Really, very happy.
Still going strong from Nelle's baptism on Sunday.  Why don't I have fresh flowers in the house all the time?

(And to clarify, all those glasses of wine are all rolled into one because I do have to go pump in an hour.)

Our family is settling into this new life as four, yet we still haven't quite hit our stride yet.  I feel like that comes when we get into a bit more of a predictable schedule (mostly dependent on naps), and right now, I can tell you we have about 14 hours of the day figured out, and that includes dinner time, bath time, story time, bed time, one nighttime feeding, rise and shine time usually kicked off with Henry asking for Andrew from bed followed by his pitter patter down the hall into our room either asking for Mama or asking for Sister, breakfast time, and a quick nap for Nelle.  
The rest of the day...well, there's a lot more in between.  

 My type A self is itching for more structure for the in between.

My romantic, baby-loving self is shushing type A and telling her to look around.  Look at these beautiful babies and enjoy them.  
I thought Henry's first year flew by.  Nelle's is happening even faster.

 Ever since we got her first grin smack dab on her one-month mark, Nelle smiles more and more every day.  Especially when I smooch her cheeks.  Loooves it.  Her entire face lights up.  And Dada loves it too because you can see her right cheek dimple...like father like daughter. 
She has no less than four rolls on each thigh.  And a little pot belly to match her brother's.  I mean, Sister is growing. 
(And was feeling a bit needy after shots this morning.)
She sticks out a mean bottom lip and is already working on her pout.  

And Henry said his first sentence today.  

Hi mama.  

I let him help make the pie crust for our dinner tonight - chicken pot pie.  Even got his own bowl with a bit of flour and salt to mix.  
(Maybe by default because he got to the ingredients before I did.)

He was whisking his ingredients together, looked up at me, and said hi mama.

Hi mama.
Hi Henry.  You are just the cutest.

Of course, now I can't get him to do it again, but I'm still beaming.
Today, I'm lucky to have captured the pure joy on his face as he learns and explores and grows.  
Every day, I'm enamored to spend my life as a part of theirs.
And with two littles in bed, their father out getting drinks with friends, there is only one thing left to do.

Sweep the floor.  
 I mean, did you see him flinging that flour everywhere.  Good thing I have a hook-up for more flour on-demand.

Night, night.  Sleep tight.