9.5.12 Ali Moore 2 Comments

Only a week and a half to go until the DUE DATE.  Maybe we'll make it there?  Maybe we'll make it past there?

I'm not sure my extra walking is doing anything.  Or the pineapple I ate on Sunday morning. 
Or the spicy chicken sandwich I had from Chick-Fil-A yesterday.

Darn it.

I want the baby to come out on his/her terms, but goodness I am impatient! 
This is nothing new of course, but situations like these just bring out the best in me.  :)

Everyone said these last few weeks are the hardest.  I just always thought they were talking about how I would be feeling.  Physically. 
And I feel really good.  I can't complain.

But now I'm realizing they must have been referring to the waiting game.  It is draining!  The anticipation.  So tough.  I would just really love for this baby to come before Sunday.  It's Mother's Day!  How unfair would it be for the baby to wait it out, and I don't get a Mother's Day until next year.  Andrew gets a Father's Day in June regardless.  And my grandma's birthday was May 12th.  

Come on, Pat.  At least think about it.


You want an update on the nesting list?

It's a constant battle between trying to use every waking hour to get things crossed off the list
vs.trying to spend time with Andrew, Franklin and friends and RELAX.  

1. Clean/organize basement...maybe 1/2 way done?
2. Clean/organize linen closet so we can store extra baby things here
3. Clean/organize hall bath to accommodate baby things...this includes hanging towel hooks since we only have one and it's located in the shower.  Weird.
4. Clean/organize shoe closet.  Because it is gross right now.
5. Deep clean our master bath
6. Finish decor in baby's room
7. Clean/organize garage to fit new stroller(s)!
8. Buy life insurance
9. Clean/organize laundry room
10. Clean/organize kitchen cabinets
11. Landscaping in front yard
12. Plant flowers in all outdoor pots
13. Paint exterior of house - first section is done!
14. Wash baby clothes/towels/blankets/etc.
15. Buy a few remaining items off our registry
16. Edit four pending photo shoots and get them back to clients within two weeks max
17. Five more shoots left before the due more shoots - two to edit.
18. Write and send shower thank you's
19. Add a patio and firepit to our backyard - Andrew has been spending a lot of quality time with his shovels.
 20. Clean baseboards
21. Co-host gender reveal party for our friends, Gabe and Angela
22. Hang frames in our bedroom - now to fill them...
23. Q2 Business Taxes
24. Worry about the baby's size.
25. Pack for the hospital.

There were of course intentions to get more done this weekend.  But, I took three naps, had two shoots, edited one and a half, skipped yoga, had a lunch date with Andrew on Sunday, had dinner with our neighbors on Saturday and got caught up on DVR'd TV. 


The list can wait.

What else will the grandma's do when they come visit?


  1. So excited for you two, and I'm anticipating just seeing the news come across your blog or Facebook so I cannot imagine what you two are feeling like. Best wishes and prayers for a safe delivery!

  2. YEAH!!!!!! Baby M is almost here! So excited! And look at that to-do list dwindling down :) Cannot wait!!!