20.5.12 Ali Moore 2 Comments


You are officially late.  I don't like to be late.  We are going to have to work on this in the future.
Since we've passed your "best if used by date" we know you'll at least be here within a week and a half or so.  Sooner is better than later as your father is starting to get anxious.  He made me walk up and down the driveway last night when the storm was rolling in thinking that would speed you up.  He made my eggs with a LOT of Tabasco on Friday morning to get you to arrive.  He about forced you out when he sped over some railroad tracks in Mulvane on the way to Luciano's for dinner on Friday night.

And Franklin woke us up this morning with one of your K-State sock monkeys, plus left one of your blankets and stuffed giraffes on the living room floor.  In his defense, he did leave you his bone on the rug in your room in exchange.

The boys are starting to lose it.

I am holding it together and making the most of the extra time you've given us.

1. Clean/organize basement...maybe 1/2 way done?
2. Clean/organize linen closet so we can store extra baby things here
3. Clean/organize hall bath to accommodate baby things...this includes hanging towel hooks since we only have one and it's located in the shower.  Weird.
4. Clean/organize shoe closet.  Because it is gross right now.
5. Deep clean our master bath
6. Finish decor in baby's room
7. Clean/organize garage to fit new stroller(s)!
8. Buy life insurance
9. Clean/organize laundry room
10. Clean/organize kitchen cabinets
11. Landscaping in front yard
12. Plant flowers in all outdoor pots
13. Paint exterior of house - sides have yet to get started.
14. Wash baby clothes/towels/blankets/etc.
15. Buy a few remaining items off our registry
16. Edit four pending photo shoots and get them back to clients within two weeks max
17. Five more shoots left before the due date.
 18. Write and send shower thank you's
19. Add a patio and firepit to our backyard - first round of supplies were dropped off - maybe they'll start this week?
 20. Clean baseboards
21. Co-host gender reveal party for our friends, Gabe and Angela
22. Hang frames in our bedroom
23. Q2 Business Taxes
24. Worry about the baby's size.
25. Pack for the hospital.
26.  Boil bottles

 Slowly, but surely.

Seems to be your motto too.


  1. I can't stop thinking about you... and I have to admit you ACTUALLY look 9 months-ish preggo in these pics!! Still looking amazing, but the bump is definitely growing!

  2. Yay!! So glad Pat is waiting for me to return for the grand arrival!! You look amazing as always!! xoxo