17.5.12 Ali Moore 2 Comments

I'm back to my normal self after Monday's crab session.  Thank goodness!  No wonder little one isn't here yet.
Who wants to come into the world to hang out with a grump? 

And, as I approach our due date on Saturday, I'm really okay with still being pregnant.  Even for the next week or so.

If it hasn't happened on its own, there's a reason.
I'd rather Pat be good and ready to come out on his/her own terms than forced at this point.  Plus, I had my mentality all wrong last week.
I was hesitant to make plans in the event I'd have to cancel them should Pat arrive early like I was originally thinking/hoping.

Well, Pat, two can play this game.
I'm going to plan on you not being here this weekend and go to dinner on Friday with friends,
see a movie on Saturday and go to church and yoga on Sunday.  So there.

After not being able to sleep at all on Tuesday night, I slept sooo well last night.  I'm still walking every day.  I'm not puffy.  My back doesn't hurt.
And Andrew said he'd give me a pedicure tonight (this guy really will do anything to save a buck).  

My pregnancy has been awesome.  And, I'm going to enjoy the entirety of it.

However, I think for Frank's health, it needs to end sooner rather than later.  Not sure what he's doing while we're gone at work,
but in the past two weeks he has sprained/broken his tail and is now limping on his back left leg.

Two separate injuries.

The tail was taken care of last week after a trip to the vet and taking an anti-inflammatory and pain pills.

The limp just started a couple of days ago, which means no walks for Franklin, and he is so sad.
Oh, and he has a sty on his right eye.

He is falling apart.


And since everyone else got an update in this post, I feel compelled to share that Andrew is starting to think we are having a girl.  He is freaking out.  But still being very productive and still earning the title of Handy Andy.

The front of our house is painted!
Ooooh.  Ahhhhh.

The backyard is prepped for our patio extension and fire pit!

Too bad it looks terrible right now as we wait for the crew to come in and actually lay the stone and build the patio/pit.  Such a mess.  The evenings have been beautiful and would be so perfect to take advantage of everything just about to bloom.  Our hydrangeas and magnolias are just about to pop.

Seems to be a theme around here...


  1. Gosh Darn it....I knew this was going to happen to Franklin a long time ago. I blame myself for not stepping in to prevent this. Andrew, you should be ashamed of yourself. -Joshua

  2. Hang in there, Ali! We've been thinking about you. Both mine were overdue (Hannah was EIGHT DAYS late!), and you're absolutely right that staying busy is better than sitting and waiting. Looking forward to seeing that little one. :)