Forever Young

11.3.12 Ali Moore 2 Comments

When the clock struck 12:01 on Saturday, March 10, I turned 27 years old and the bean turned 30 weeks.  
Ten. More. Weeks.

Where has the time gone?

I bet if you asked my parents that, they would shake their heads and wonder the same thing.

We had our 30 week appointment last week and everything is measuring right on track again.

And, if I'm being completely honest, I have to fess up that when I said I gained five pounds in four weeks, it was really six pounds.  Five just sounded better.  But then at this week's appointment I had actually lost a pound so I guess I was just retaining a lot.  I even looked bigger then.  Not that the scale is ruling my just feels good to stay on track with my healthy goal.  Never fear, I eat when I'm hungry and snack on mainly fruit, but definitely have gotten my fair share of Girl Scout cookies this year.

But back to the doctor's appointment.  

Pat's heart rate was once again right between 155 and 160.

It has been all along.  And, that, along with several other factors, make me think Pat is a GIRL.

So, I think we should take a vote.  Play will be fun!

I had no inkling about the gender until the night before Thanksgiving when I had a very vivid dream and the baby was a GIRL.

I wasn't nauseous or sick at all.  But, neither was my mom with me, my brother or sister.  In fact, she carried low with all of us and had very similar pregnancies despite the gender.  TOSS UP.

When we did the needle/belly gender test during the Super Bowl, it was a GIRL.  Twice.

When I peed in a plastic cup onto baking soda, there was no fizz.  GIRL.

My worst pregnancy symptom has been breaking out.  Horribly!  It's so frustrating, because a lot of products I would have normally used are off the list because certain chemicals can be absorbed through your skin and aren't good for the baby.  Boo.  The Old Wives' tale says if you break out, you're having a GIRL because she's stealing the mother's beauty.

I have just started getting the pregnancy line - the one that runs vertically underneath your belly button.  Mine is also showing up above my belly button, and a friend's doctor calls the above belly button line the GIRL line.

Andrew is the middle of three boys.  He swears Moore's only produce BOYs.  His older brother does have a son...

We really don't care either way, but it is so fun to speculate.  And wonder what he or she will be like.

Will it be a he and have two chins like Andrew?  

If so, there's hope.  He grew out of it.  

 And then looked ornery as you-know-what.

Or will Pat be a she? 

Oh, we are in for such a surprise. 


  1. SO cute!!!!! I love that picture of you! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and happy 30 weeks to the bean :) I think it's a girl too - and SHE will be here before you know it!!!!!

  2. I had no clue about all those wise-tails of whether you will have a boy or girl, but after reading your blog I am thinking girl too :)! Let's be honest... we are all getting pay back for what we did to our mothers!