The Turkey Timer

5.3.12 Ali Moore 1 Comments

We started childbirth classes tonight.

I'm excited.  I think having more information will either put me more at ease and make me feel prepared or have the exact opposite effect and give me even more anxiety about actually having a baby.  Oh yeah, did I mention I plan to do this naturally?  Six weeks of two-hour sessions on Monday nights could really do some damage.  So far though, it's been positive.

I asked Andrew when we got home if he thought Franklin would give us a head's up when the baby's going to come.  Use that animal instinct.  I thought he would say, yes, for sure.

Instead he said, well I will know.   And so matter of fact.

Of course I make the mistake of asking why...thinking maybe he would list a few of the things we just learned in class.

Andrew's answer:

Because he could always tell when cows were about to have their babies.

Oh yes, we are back to relating human (YOUR CHILD's) birth to cows.


Speaking of animals, I'm pretty sure my turkey timer is about to pop.

AKA my innie is destined to become an outie.  I am positive.

That doesn't mean the bug's done cooking.

Which is good because we have a ways to go and things to do.

At the end of this week, I'll be 30 weeks pregnant.  That means 70 days to go until our due date, although I'm thinking of our due date as May in general because I'm mentally preparing for Pat to make a late appearance.  That seems to be pretty normal, especially for first-time moms, so no need to get stuck on May 19th as the date.  I guess babies don't follow the "best if used by" rule like food. 

I started having Braxton Hicks a little over a week ago.  Totally painless and totally normal.  Apparently you can have them from very early on in your pregnancy, but don't notice them until about 28 weeks.  Which is exactly what happened with our situation.  I literally got my text last Saturday morning when I hit the 28 week mark that said I might start noticing them and literally that night I did. 

And, I'm glad they started because our teacher said most times when Braxton Hicks start early, labor is easier.

So I've got that going for me.

Time will tell.

This. Is. Really. Happening.


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  1. Ali! My friend, Megan Davis & her husband Chris are in that class too!