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I feel like I am always saying this, but the past few weeks have been so busy, and now I'm behind on posting.  And, I hate being behind anytime, but especially during the holidays.  Because I love everything about them and want to enjoy them and not feel like I am just getting by or catching up.

So here goes.

Andrew and I got back from our amazing vacation with Adam and Emily late on Thursday night.  On Friday we were lazy all morning, and then I decided to rake eight humongous bags of leaves from our front yard that afternoon.  On Saturday morning we packed up and headed to Hiawatha for a wedding.  On Sunday late afternoon we got back to Wichita, and I went and bought a cart overflowing with groceries from Dillons.

I cleaned our and scrubbed down our fridge and pantry.  Sickly, I love doing this.  I love the way my fridge looks after a good cleaning.  Everything clean and shiny.  All my food organized.  Sick.

Monday, we cleaned the inside of our windows AND THE BLINDS (worst job ever) and finished them up Tuesday, along with the baseboards.  We were also supposed to clean, clean, clean on Tuesday night, but we just couldn't muster the drive to do that so instead we watched K-State basketball (no comment, except for that my husband needs to take a chill-pill before games), and I edited pictures.

So here we are, the day before Thanksgiving, and we haven't cleaned, and I haven't started cooking.  Why did I do this to myself??

TL gave us the afternoon off, so thankful for that, because I spent like six hours cleaning my house like a mad woman.  I had just gotten out of the shower and ready when Andrew's parents and little brother showed up around 7:30pm that night.  Just in time for me to start cooking.

I make my grandma's stuffing recipe because it's what I grew up on and nothing tastes as good.  I'm a stuffing snob.  However, it's a lot of work.  Two batches of homemade cornbread and one batch of homemade biscuits have to be ready to go before you can start mixing everything together.  But, I got it done, along with Andrew's Texas Chocolate Sheetcake before bed.

Thanksgiving day was fantastic.  All of my family showed up by noon, and we ate around 1:30pm.  And, my turkey turned out beautifully.

It better; it's all I think about Monday - Friday for eight hours a day. 

Last year we hosted Thanksgiving, and everything tasted good, but I just felt like we were scrambling to throw everything together.  So, this year we upped the ante.   I cleaned as I went.  I scheduled when things went in the oven, when to start the mashed potatoes, etc., etc.

And, I decorated my table much better.  Number one priority.  :)

I wanted to incorporate some orange, and I found the perfect table runner at Target.

Love the detailed stitching.  And, I love the brighter's a fun twist on fall.  I found some cheery orange napkins at World Market, and then arranged my own centerpieces with flowers I picked up from the store.  (By the way, they still look great!)

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the table, but someone had to get dinner on the table.  One additional newcomer to the table though.  We saw this in Napa, and I knew I wanted to steal it and fancy up my meal this way.  Water in old wine bottle instead of the traditional pitcher.  Love.

Our spread, just waiting on the turkey to be carved.

(By the way, did you notice?  I switched out some pictures above our credenza/buffet...cute kiddos.)

We are ready to eat!!

Everything was delicious.  At least no one said otherwise.  Ha.

Andrew and I were totally those people and made everyone go around the table and say what they were thankful for.  Our future children are going to love us.  I only said a few things, but we have so much to be thankful for.

1. Jobs (especially since I just got a promotion - woohoo!)
2. A house we love in a neighborhood we love
3. Education
4. Good family, particularly when they travel to come see us
5. Friends that we love to be around and that are good people
6. My camera - Andrew told me this was materialistic, but I should clarify.  I am so thankful for the passion and joy it brings me, not because it's a great piece of equipment.  Although that doesn't hurt.
7. Health
8. The opportunity to travel, cheer on our Cats, experience new things, etc.
9. Franklin - he brings us a lot of happiness
10. The list could go on and on!  We are blessed.

We celebrated Quinn's third birthday on Thanksgiving afternoon.  She is just so entertaining.  She says the funniest things.  And still doesn't like Andrew. 

Trying to be patient...

Present time!

We shopped a bit on Friday, but not with the mob early in the morning, played hide and go seek as a family (hilarious) and watched the K-State game together that evening.

Snapped a few pictures of the girls before they headed back to Hiawatha on Saturday morning, and that was it.


Brynnan looks like she wants someone to save her.

So distraught.

Our house was really quiet for the rest of the weekend.  And messy.  But we were happy.

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  1. It looks like a PERFECT dinner ....and weekend! You are on your way to being the Hostess with the Mostess!