17.12.10 Ali Moore 2 Comments

1. Franklin has a really bad habit.  You are probably thinking, "another one?"  Yes, another.

Every night to keep him off of our bed he falls asleep on either of our laps in Andrew's huge man chair.  As soon as you prop your feet up, he is next to the chair, tail wagging, front paws up on your leg.  Just warning any future house guests.   If you happen to sit in the chair, you may have company.

Obviously we can't have kids right now.  We already have a baby.  Who can fall asleep half on the chair, half off.

2. I made nine pans of homemade cinnamon rolls this past Saturday to share with our neighbors.  My entire house smelled so good, but I'm glad Christmas only comes once a year.  It was so much work.  I did keep one pan to enjoy myself.  Duh.

Our newest neighbor sent me a Facebook message and said they were the best he had ever had.  I don't even care if he was lying.  I'll take the accolades. 

3. Christmas time = busy time.  Our social life has really picked up since Casey and Lora moved to Wichita.  In one weekend, we went to dinner, went to the Nutcracker and took a trolley tour through College Hill with them.  Yeah, we are popular and cool.  :)  As you can see, we really fit in in this scene.

4.  Really glad I got pictures of the ballet since Andrew could not wait to go.  I think it was his favorite thing we've done this year. 

5.  Love, love, love this picture.   Something about it just stops me.

So now I'm stopped.  And that's it.


  1. Oh I can just picture the look on Andrew's face during the ballet. What a good sport!

  2. Ali....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! Merry Christmas! Donna