11.12.10 Ali Moore 2 Comments

As many of you know, I'm an avid reader of Young House Love.  One of my first blogs I ever read and still continue to read.  And, perhaps you remember here when I thought I was going to be featured in a reader re-design?  What a disappointment.

But, as an almost-always optimistic person, when I received an email from John at YHL on Thanksgiving Day telling me I had won a pretty amazing giveaway, well, let's just say there are definitely no hard feelings anymore.

I haven't posted about this until now as I was waiting for the giver of the prize to contact me.  And she did.  And we've talked.  And now we're best friends.  Just kidding.  But, really, pretty psyched to work with her as she is doing a $350 original painting for Andrew and I.  FOR FREE.  Seriously.  Best.  Prize.  EVER.

Erica from Studio Eriksdotter is going to give us our first piece of real art.  I am pumped.  We decided she'll paint a hydrangea bloom.  I just love them.  I used them in our wedding.  I planted them at our house.  I took a bazillion pictures of them on our vacation.  It's just fitting.  Lucky for me, she is so great at florals and has been wanting to paint a hydrangea.  Eek!

She's booked until mid-January, so I have to be patient until then.  Or try to be.  I'm already thinking about how to incorporate this into our living room, and it's sparking some other new ideas for decor...here we go. 


  1. Um excuse me but I'm pretty sure that you have REAL ART already..... and yes, my feelings may be hurt.

  2. SOO awesome! I cannot wait to see it!

    PS Loved the Christmas cards and the note- SO adorable and wonderful! Merry Christmas!!