What's a Blog Post without a Franklin Update? :)

14.12.09 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Franklin has completely recovered from his surgery, and I even think he his demeanor has calmed down a bit. He had even quit humping my leg 10 times a day, until a few days ago when apparently he got the itch again. And again and again.


He has done some funny/random things lately.

1. All of a sudden he decided he needs to nap on the couch at night while Andrew and I are hanging out watching TV. Boo. I really didn't want pets on our furniture so at first we were really good at getting him off, but sometimes he just looks so cute and cuddly. Andrew and I are both turning into huge suckers so Franklin has now formed a habit of climbing up to snooze with us. Don't tell him, but he's getting a snuggly dog bed for Christmas this year so I'm hoping that helps him quit his couch addiction.

2. Last week I decided I was going to try three new recipes for dinner. I made this elaborate grocery list and was going to email it to Andrew so he could stop by the store on his way home from work. I left it on the kitchen table and came out to find it completely chewed up on the mat Franklin sleeps on by the back door during the day. Grr...
3. Franklin naps a lot during the day while I'm working, but every once in a while he walks into my office to check in on me. One day he climbed up on my chair behind me and put his front paws on my desk and stayed this way for five minutes watching me work.
Yes, I have become one of those crazy pet people that talks about their animal like they would a child, but I work at home with little human contact so give me a break. :)
Everyone have a great week!

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  1. He is so cute! I can tell his personality just from looking at the pictures! I wish Benton would do so well when I'm working from home!