Way Behind...

22.12.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

The past few weeks, and even past few months really, have been so, so busy. But, before I close up shop until the new year I thought I'd leave you with a quick recap of the last few days.

Andrew and I made Christmas cookies to distribute to our neighbors this past Saturday. We made three different kinds:

1. Snow cookies (or Snow on a Plowed Ground Cookies - can you tell we are from the midwest?)
2. Snickerdoodles
3. Star- and tree-shaped sugar cookies

I usually only put in one sheet of a cookies at a time, but Andrew wanted to speed up the process since he was also watching football. They all turned out pretty good, except for Andrew was trying to multitask (bad idea), and a few sheets got burnt. No biggie, we had plenty to go around!

We had a great time, Franklin came along to spread holiday cheer and we were really glad when we could cross this brilliant idea off the list. :)

The really fun thing about handing out cookies is that we got really good gossip about crazy cat lady that lives across the street from us (more on her later), and we got cookies back in return yesterday!
These people are really good cookie bakers. They made Andrew, Ali and Franklin replicas! So of course we had to take our picture with our own personal cookies.
Franklin loved his so much he tried to eat it. Whoops.
I finally got all of my holiday cards out (last two today!) even though I had them ordered and had them sitting in my office before Thanksgiving. One of my favorite things about Christmas is sending and getting holiday cards, pictures and letters in the mail! Looooove it! So, I hung up all of this year's by my desk so I can look at the holiday cheer all day long.
And, finally, one of my other favorite things is wrapping presents. I absolutely believe that a gift is so much better if it's wrapped nicely. So, I spent one Saturday afternoon this month wrapping presents for our families and just finished the last one this afternoon. Yay for Christmas!