Tis the Season

1.12.09 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Andrew and I spent last night drinking some vino and decorating our Christmas tree! What a great night. Our ornaments are all red and gold, and I decided I'm going to look for a few more of the same color during after-Christmas sales later this month, but try and get some different shapes since we only have round balls. :)

We put our tree up in front of our bay window, and I think it looks so pretty! Plus our neighborhood can be creepers and enjoy it too by peeping through our windows as they drive by.
I tried to get some traditional child-in-front-of-tree pictures with Franklin. What a challenge! He was so excited about all of these new toys to play with - ribbon, tree branches, etc. I caught him trying to sneak an ornament off of the tree...
This is about as good as it's going to get.
I am trying to give him a break since he's had an upset stomach since Thanksgiving Day. An unnamed relative thought it was a good idea to brighten Franklin's Thanksgiving and give him a dog dish full of ham grease. He has been leaving diarrhea presents in his kennel every morning for Andrew and I to clean up since the feast. Franklin has had tummy issues before, and our vet told us that a bland diet should help clear it up. So, today we started Franklin on boiled chicken and rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is eating better than I am! My ham sandwich was not up to par with his food. :)

What a rough life...

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