Marshmallows Roasting on an Open Fire

14.12.09 Ali Moore 2 Comments

Andrew and I have been using our fireplace a lot over the past couple of weeks. We still haven't picked out furniture for our family room though so it's hard to enjoy our toasty flames. I usually end up sitting on the brick ledge in front of the fire.

Last weekend we figured out how to really get a good use our of our flames. SMORES! We made a specific trip to the store just to get the yummy gooey supplies. So much for watching those indulgent holiday calories. :)

Andrew being very manly (duh) and getting the fire going.
Getting our supplies ready for roasting...
Here we go! First bunch of marshmallows ended up completely charred. Still very yummy, though.
Staying warm and toasty.
Finished product!