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31.10.09 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Andrew and I are constantly adding new furniture and decor to our house since we at least doubled our living space when we moved into our house from our small apartment. Our latest additions:

1. Finally, finally got our TV stand from Nebraska Furniture Mart. We picked it out months ago and then didn't actually order it until a few weeks ago. That was dumb. We had been using our coffee table until we got the TV stand. The TV stand fits better into the corner by the front window since it's narrower. Definitely an improvement. Would love to jazz it up a bit...
2. Now that we aren't using our coffee table for our TV we can actually use it for its original purpose. Still looking for fun ways to spice it up, but I'm really glad I finally have a place to put our coffee table books, including our wedding picture book!
3. And, as you can see we finally settled on an area rug for this space to cozy it up and add color. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on rugs this first time around since we have Franko. This is called Garden from Target. Love it!

4. Andrew finally got his man chair. Bllleeeeehhhhh. I guess every boy needs a recliner, I just hate that his is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door, and that it's in the same room with all of our other nice furniture. I guess he wins this one. Until I find a pretty chair and ottoman set and his man chair gets moved either to the family room...or the basement. Hello! Whatever happened to the man chair in the man cave??
Even though the man chair is in the living room, I've still managed to add some fun pretty things to try and distract from its bulge. :)

5. New accent pillows - finally more color!
6. Found this really pretty square vase in - surprise - Shenendoah, IA when visiting my parents a few weeks ago. So random, but I just loved the texture. Once we got back to Wichita I picked out a few fall faux twigs/branches/berries and added it to our entryway table. I love how it turned out, and I think it will be fun to update with seasonal colors.
Still on the lookout for a large focal piece for the wall behind our couch, but I feel like things are starting to feel more cohesive and not so bare.

Back to yard work...and cleaning out the gutters.

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