Busy Bees

18.10.09 Ali Moore 2 Comments

I feel like I haven't posted in a long time, but with good reason. Andrew and I have been finishing up several project around our house...and have been out of town for the past three weekends.

So without further ado, the rundown of our free time long gone:

Project #1. Our house was considered move-in ready when we bought it at the end of July, and it was, but there have been so many little things we've added to our to-do list to improve. Many of which have been painting. You may remember a previously posted picture of the front of our house and the green shutters and door. I like green, and there are several houses in our neighborhood that have red brick with green shutters/doors, but our green seemed to be a little off. There's nothing wrong with it, but I never would have picked it out. And, I really really wanted a red door and the green shutters and red door just weren't going to happen.

So, before:

And, after (also with Project #2 - new solar panel sidewalk lights):
Not a huge difference, but we like it better so that's all that matters. Here's a close up of the shutter color:

And, Franklin modeling the red door (and the new fall welcome mat from Target and his new purple big boy collar):

These painting projects were super easy. Andrew had to sand the side of the front door a bit because it must have swelled or something and was hard to close. We primed both the shutters and door, and then slapped three coats of paint on each. A few days later, ta-da!

Finally got our Project #3 - K-State flag up permanently! Woohoo!
And, just in time for the a-mazing game last night. It's so hard not to get swept up in the hype - Bill IS BACK! :)

Project #4 - Andrew and I bought a $50 table off of Craig's List before we bought our house with the intentions of painting it after we moved. I was either going to use the table for it's actual purpose (depending on what house we bought and if it fit appropriately within the dining room) or as a desk because of the nice solid big surface area. Well, it made sense to keep it as a dining room table. We've just been busy painting almost every room in the house that this project got pushed to the back burner. But, we finally finished it up!

Had to get rid of the 1990s hunter green (just starting to tape and test out the paint color at this point):
And afters!
We sanded down all of the green areas before we painted them white. I don't think we did our best paint job ever, but this isn't going to be our table for the rest of our lives so we'll live with it. I'm just glad it's done. :) Or, as Andrew always says, "good enough for who it's for..." Whatever.

Project #5 - I can't take credit for this idea...I will absolutely admit I stole it from Vanessa. She has this cute, cute old glass-paneled door that she uses for a pictures frames. I found a similar looking window at an antique store in Wichita and thought it would be a great accent in our house. We finally got it hung up in the guest room.
We have a couple of new pieces of furniture coming on Tuesday morning so I'll have more pictures then including several of new fun accessories we've added in the living room!

Back to yard work as soon as the Chief's game is over. :) We've got to finish raking up the piles of leaves that are floating down from our street's beautiful trees...... and clean out our gutters...and wash our windows.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, especially Sarah Rizzo - happy belated birthday!


  1. I like what your guys are doing and enjoyed reading your blog. The gable end of the front room of the house really has me puzzled. What is that built down from the soffit?

  2. Totally stealing the frame idea... thanks Vanessa :)