Down on the Farm

13.10.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Andrew and I took last Thursday, Friday and this Monday off to use up some of this year's remaining vacation time. And, to go to the farm. Andrew was so excited to get home to help his dad with harvest. We drove to Hiawatha on Wednesday night after work, and met Butch in the field where he was picking corn. With his combine. Andrew was so pumped and that was the last I saw of him until Sunday afternoon.

Franklin and I spent the weekend up at my parents in Iowa, or God's country as the residents refer to it. My parents live in the middle of nowhere so there's not a lot going on for entertainment. My mom used the chance to try and domesticate me. I think Andrew told her that I haven't been cooking for him, which is completely untrue. Nevertheless, I am officially Susie-Homemaker now. I can make fried chicken with gravy, a pie crust (from SCRATCH!) and various other yummy meals we fixed while I was there.

Franklin had a fabulous time playing with my parents' black lab, Gracie. They are now best friends, and we can't wait for them to come visit us over Thanksgiving!

On Sunday, we spent the day traveling back to Wichita and drove through Kansas City. My sister Rachel watched Franklin for us while we went furniture shopping at NFM. Andrew has been wanting a man-chair-recliner forever now, and I've been trying to put off this purchase since I just know it's not going to look good with our current living room furniture. But, his mind was made up, and after we debated for way too long about several chair-and-a-half with ottoman combos, he ended up getting the recliner. Yay. We also bought a much-needed entertainment table for our TV since we're currently using our coffee table and want it back for it's original purpose. Both get delivered a week from today. Pictures will be posted soon!

Now, I'm on the lookout for the right chair/ottoman combo to replace the recliner. It WILL eventually get moved into the family room. It just doesn't know it yet. :)