I See London...

25.10.09 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Franklin pulled my pants down for the world to see in front of our house a few days ago. And my underwear. Thank goodness no one saw...that I know of.

I was holding him up against my right hip with one arm, and he started kicking his back legs to try and get down. His foot got caught under my pants and as he kept kicking my pants kept slipping to just above my knees...with my underwear.

No harm, no foul I guess. Maybe it's time I stop carrying him like that. Or time to start wearing pants with suspenders. :)

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  1. This has happened to me too!!! (Well, not my underwear). Tyson likes to grab onto clothes, so if we are walking he is consistantly jumping up and trying to bite what ever he can grab, which is usually my clothes. What happened with "the incident"?