Snoooooow and the Start to a Holly Jolly Christmas Break

21.12.16 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I wore leggings as pants today and didn't get up until the kids did this morning, and even then I felt like they were dragging me out of bed plus I didn't have to get the four of us dressed until we ran errands late this morning AND I drank my coffee out of a legit mug - while it was HOT - and not out of a travel mug in the car.

All of which means...we're on CHRISTMAS BREAK! 

I have just felt SO much holiday spirit since I finished up editing the remaining sessions in my queue on Saturday morning.  I feel like I don't have to have my to-do list running in the back of my head at all waking hours! 
Plus our cozy snowed in weekend didn't hurt.  

We didn't have snow last year at all so I'm not sure if the kids would have been as into it as then as they are now.  But this year.  This year, they are in love with it.

Henry rarely naps anymore so after quiet time on Saturday he and I went out just as the first of it was falling.  He just wanted to do alllll the snow things!  Snowballs, snowmen, catch it, eat it, make snow angels, go sledding!  It actually made me think Andrew and I may have to learn to ski so we can take him at some point,
because I think he'd be obsessed.

We all went back out together after the girls got up and tried to make the most out of the event that is getting three children ready to be out in the snow.

I took the kiddos sledding solo on Sunday after Andrew unexpectedly had to go into work and they reported to him afterwards that it was so fun! We found the slightest bit of an incline at our neighborhood pool parking lot entrance where I gave them a shove, and they slid on down about halfway through the parking lot which was great until the bigs started bickering (per usual) about who got to bring the sled
back up to me to do it all over again.

We went back the next day where they learned that Andrew is really the one you want shoving you down a (small) hill because if he's going to do it, he's going to do it with his all whereas probablyyyyy not going to happen with me.
 Junie's tongue!  Ahhhhh!

We've got a bit more jolly to squeeze into the season before Christmas Day.  Goodies to bake for our neighbors, a few more gifts to wrap, more Christmas movies to watch.

Today Henry came out of his room after quiet time/nap time for the girls and told me he got me a gift. Which he's been to known to do as we've currently got one of his favorite cars wrapped up and postmarked to his cousin with a Christmas letter dictated by him that says something along the line of "It sure is great when it snows! May your heart be filled with the joy of the season."

I kid you not.

So imagine how I felt when he told me my gift was a bird with poop in it.
It's the thought that counts.