Five Days Late Resolutions

5.1.17 Ali Moore 0 Comments

It's the 5th day of January, and I'm still mulling over resolutions for the new year, or goals, or whatever it is you call the ideas that make your heart feel fuller and pitter patter a bit harder. 

There are a lot of things I'd like to get better at.  Getting to the gym more and cooking more to name a few.  (Although the first may have to happen if I follow through with the latter.)  Budgeting, whomp whomp.  Saying no.  Spending more time with friends.  Travel.  Not only notice beauty in the mundane and ordinary, but revel in it.

But one thing that has been stirring inside of me for a while is the idea of documenting more, which probably seems ludicrous because I document for a living.

But hear me out.

I make looooads of images of my kids each month that end up on my external hardrives, some that no one else sees but me, not even Andrew.  And they sustain me.  They make my heart pitter patter and speak a 1,000 words to me.  The stories behind each one, the stage of life we're in, the funny things the kids are saying and doing and what makes them so them right now. 

Things like when Nelle says, "I'm getting too tired, can you carrrrwy me?"
after we've been at the zoo for five minutes.

Or when she says at bedtime, "I need somebody to cuddle me all day!!" because girlfriend has always been the snuggler.

And how we're clearly in the dress myself stage based on the pink, pink, pink she picks.

How Henry can push me to the brink every single darn day, but then do things like want to walk his baby sister and be so proud when he does it.

I don't document just for me, but for the next generation too.  I want my kids to have their own stories when they see our photos.  Like when Henry saw these photos and said after looking at Junie's picture, "babies are the sweetest in the whole world."

He's always loved the babies, that one.

So here's to 2017 and more traditional feel better/do better resolutions, but also to documenting for me and my least one blog post each week, printed photos and chatbooks.  Plus I've really got to make Nelle a baby book since she's three now. 

And while I'm at it, I maybe should do June's too.

Cheers to making memories, documenting memories
and holding memories in your hands.