Zone Defense

14.11.16 Ali Moore 0 Comments

We had one of those times in church yesterday that in the moment is not funny AT ALL, but then afterwards when it's well behind you (and I'm not sure it's well enough behind me yet) all you can do is laugh because you survived and everyone is fine,
and sometimes that's just good enough.

And gosh, if you can't laugh about it then what can we do?

We were that family yesterday.  The one that you keep in the back of your head after you've managed your own brood for the hour-long service with a few hairy moments and think, "well, at least we had it more together than they did." 
And admit, you've totally done this because I have,
and well, maybe that's called karma because we were that family yesterday.

The one that was late (of course), and got ushered to the only open spot in the FRONT, right next to the CENTER aisle.  We had pouting and flailing and small princess figurines meant to quietly entertain WHACKING against the wooden pews.  We had kids clambering onto kneeling rails and jumping, we had kids that wanted up then down then up then down then up then down then up.  Kids were definitely not using whispering voices, and someone was crying because his paper got crumpled up, and kids were laughing, and Andrew and I were not.  

Afterwards, the families behind us and in front of us complimented us on our zone defense, which was totally a nicety, because it was pretty touch and go the entire time.  Like I told Andrew afterwards, we need to start going to church on Saturday night so that when we're done it's appropriate to go home and have a well-deserved glass of wine instead of feeling like it's probably not okay to go have a drink at noon
like I wanted to yesterday.

Okay, it's starting to get a little funny.


Last week when I was dropping the big kids off at school, the preschool director and I were chatting in the hall about Nelle and her potty accidents she's been having all of a sudden the past couple of weeks.  Last Wednesday she had not one, but two potty accidents.  Her clothes she wore to school were wet, and then so were her backup set so they told her she could wear one of the backup pairs of pants from school and she got upset and cried and told them she wasn't going to because they were ugly.  

Now that made me laugh right away because she's right.
They were really really ugly pants.

Here's to a week of working on our zone defense
and finding the humor in the chaos that is our life right now.  


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