The Story of Where I Found My Rings Plus More Digging

18.5.16 Ali Moore 2 Comments

Did I ever tell you I found my wedding rings?  
Yep, all three of them.

Andrew and I decided they must have really gotten flushed down the toilet 
like Henry said.  

So, he took the toilet off and shined his flashlight down the drain 
to see if by chance they had gotten stuck in the trap.
No rings.

Then we decided that maybe they got tossed down one of the sink drains in the kids' bathroom so he took those apart too...and happened to break one doing it.

But no rings.

I was starting to accept the idea that I might just have to be ringless for a while, thinking we would hold out for them to miraculously show up, and if not, maybe we'd replace one of my bands first and then figure out the rest later.

Well, a week later, I was on the floor after breakfast 
playing the kids and their play kitchen, 
and Henry pulls out a pretend food container full of random things (go figure) 
including a clump of dirt and one of my bands!!  

I immediately ask him where the dirt came from, and then put two and two together that we had just moved our big house plant pot out of the front of our living room because we'd just put the Christmas tree up.  

I jump up and go over to it and kind of swish the dirt around a bit and there, 
beneath a thin layer of dirt are my two other buried rings.


This is a terrible analogy, but I feel a bit like my rings.

I've felt a little buried and lost this year, feeling like sometimes I find my rhythm in this mom-of-three role and then other times it feels so hard and impossible to keep up.  Like when Nelle tried to walk out the front door of Chick-fil-A yesterday alone while I searched for her in the play space and bathroom, all the while holding June 
and trying to keep my eye on Henry too. 

Three kids is a lot.  Three kids this close to together in age is a lot.  Three kids while I'm trying to work during naptime is a lot.  Three kids, one of them being Ham is a lot.  Three kids, one of them spitting up all the time is a lot.  Three kids, one of them taking forever to potty train is a lot.

About a month and a half ago, June finally grew out of her reflux,
and we traded extra laundry covered in spit up for extra laundry covered in pee.  
Ahhh, motherhood is so glamorous.

But within the last couple of weeks, Nelle has finally (knock on wood) decided she'll use the potty consistently, June sleeps through the night most nights, and Henry has been responding to the new discipline method his preschool director suggested.  

And what a difference it has made.  All of it.  All of it, all of it, all of it.   

I'm digging out.  
Maybe that's a theme for this stage of our life?  
Digging in the dirt, digging out of laundry piles, digging out of work deadlines, 
but also digging in and putting in the work and the effort to make it worthwhile.   


  1. Perfectly stated! I have one child, and I feel buried some (most) days. This is a good reminder that the seasons do change.

  2. You're right! It's all a season. We Midwest girls love our seasons and know there's beauty in each. Xo