What Dreams Are Made Of

8.4.16 Ali Moore 0 Comments

The washing machine is whirring from the laundry room, Franklin is snoring intermittently from around the corner, and I think I've almost got all three kids napping simultaneously. The things stay-at-home mom dreams are made of.

 I bet you can guess which one miiiight still be awake though.
 Really?  You guessed Nelle?  
The one that most typically falls asleep within two minutes of getting tucked in?  
Come on, you're better than that.

Actually, you're not going to believe this, but it's Henry.  
I can hear him coughing every so often, shuffling around in his bed, which is a far improvement from the past few days when despite being under the weather and not sleeping the best (pink eye - 5, moores - 0 from the last couple of weeks), he boycotted naptime mid-week and instead hid a bread knife in his room and used it to bang against his door to keep himself awake, trying to dig a hole out of his bedroom because he doesn't like it when he can't get out.  

A doozie of a #hamwashere.
Also the reason he can't watch shows for a long, long time which is just as much punishment for me as it is for him because #showertime. 
He also opened his blinds to watch the world go by and commented loudly as vehicles would pass by his view through the window, "I see a truckkkkk!". 

Wait four minutes.

"I see a carrrr!"
He thinks Frankie is his brudder, asks me at least once a week when God is going to put another baby in my tummy, believes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live under the streets of our neighborhood, and cries more than Nelle and June combined x10 when I put in his eye drops for the aforementioned crud we cannot seem to shake. 
But, you know what he also told me recently?

When he grows up, he's going to be a daddy and marry Nelle.
Oh redemption.  
This kid knows what he's doing. 
Lots of weekending to do around here in the next couple of days.  Some work, some fun, some time on the road. Some more laundry, some more naps, some more Lysoling.

What real life dreams are made of.