The Easter it Snowed, The Kids Had Snotty Noses, and I Had a Sinus Infection and Woke Up With Pink Eye

28.3.16 Ali Moore 1 Comments

How's that title for a howdy, and welcome back?

I started collecting the kids' Easter outfits and assembling them in the laundry room on Saturday afternoon, knowing any bit of time I could save searching for a rogue shoe or missing bow on Sunday morning would help us maaaaybe get to church on time 
for once in our collective family life of five.  

(It didn't.)

Nelle saw her Easter dress and squealed because she had been dying to put it on.  Girlfriend loves a good dress, and I've been talking this one up pretty big to her.  

I had checked the forecast again because earlier in the week there had been a chance of snow on Sunday, but that obnoxious snowflake icon wasn't plastered over Easter anymore so I didn't grab tights and cardis out of closets and drawers and instead just hung the sweetest pastel trio of outfits I ever did see up on the rod and went about the rest of the day, wiping snotty noses because all three kids came down 
with either some sort of cold or allergies on Thursday.  

I had woken up Friday morning and waited until 8am on the dot to call the ped's office to sneak us into their last available appointment for the morning.  Since, all three have been getting a nice syringe of Claritin in the mornings and Benadryl at night, except June gets a little extra medicine pumped into her little peanut body because the smallest has been officially welcomed into the crap ear club 
with her very first ear infection.  

No wonder she didn't sleep at alllllll the night before.

I should have suspected the reason behind the kids sniffles because my own allergies have been pretty terrible this season as everything is blooming early and vivaciously and the gusty wind we've been dealing with is swirling all of it 
around and around and around some more.  

After the kids' doctor, we came home for a little regroup and then set out to a walk-in clinic so I could get a script for the killer sinus infection 
I'd developed around Wednesday.  

I'm starting to suspect someone swapped our Lysol wipes with a placebo pack and we're in some kind of toddler-germ petri dish experiment because we did pretty darn good of staying mostly healthy during the late fall and winter and then, bam, the month of March hit and at least one person has been sick in our house every. single. week.  

So I'm not sure what was more surprise on Sunday morning, when I slept through my alarm, and found three inches of snow on the ground OR my puffy right eye, 
red and oozing all kind of yucky stuff.  

I quickly debated finding the girls' cold weather accessories and negated that idea, rationalizing they were really only going to be outside about two minutes total between a front door drop off at church and back through the parking lot to the car afterwards.  

The back-and-forth of do we stay home because I've picked up PINK EYE from Nelle's bout with it about two weeks ago from somewhere in the house that didn't get disinfected well enough took a bit longer.  In the end, it pays (really?) to have gone through this with her not so long ago because I still had her drops and after putting one in, it cleared up decently, and I, unlike my little babes, can practice enough self control to not touch my eye and then touch anyone or anything else.

And so we did our typical Sunday morning scramble of herding three littles into their Sunday best, out the door, into the car, various amounts of minutes after I told Andrew we absolutely positively had to be at church by.  Bah.


After I let Frank out first thing on Easter morning, I went back to the bathroom to greet the boys who were finishing up showers and told Andrew, "there's s-n-o-w EVERYWHERE", to which he replied, "we won't forget this Easter."  

And, no, I don't think we will.


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  1. I agree, I do not think you will ever forget that Easter. With all of the sickness, infections, and now, who could? You really did have an eventful couple of days. But at least everything was figured out and you got some adorable outfits picked out for the kids. I bet your Easter still turned out well, sniffles and all!