Summer Break

26.5.16 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Late last summer after June was born,
but I think before Henry had started his first year of preschool,
Andrew got around to putting up the last piece of the swing set in our backyard
...the monkey bars.  

He wanted it to be super secure so he mixed up a bit of concrete to set the post,
and of course Henry watched and helped and soaked up getting to work with him with
on a project.

So, days later, I'm sitting on the couch feeding June,
and a whiz of dusty Ham flies by the backdoor,
and I'm like, OMG what did he get into...
...and then I see this:

He had helped himself to the bag of concrete mix Andrew had forgotten to put away and mixed up a bit of cement in the water table...with water from Franklin's water bowl, concrete and a bit of potting soil for good measure.  I got to it before I found out
what he was going to slather it on. 
He moves a mile a minute, but his brain moves faster. 
Faster than my foggy, sleep-deprived, at-time pre-occupied brain anyways.

We're currently on day two of summer break, and our morning ended at meltdown city with the oldest being sent to his room for a nap without lunch because he either a) can't handle the humidity, b) is a little lost without his school routine, or c) both.

I just told my neighbor thank goodness he still naps, so of course today he didn't and instead has spent the last two hours knocking on his door and talking loudly because he knows I'm just around the corner saying things like "is it raining?" as drops slide down his window and thunder booms from the dark sky and alternating between "mommy, can you let me out?  I can act nice now!" and yelling "I don't like you!!!" because he's realized that words hurt, and he's trying to get me to react to him.  

And, I'm trying to think between the thuds on the back of his door
and remind myself to take deep breaths and stick to the "love and logic" plan
when naptime/QUIET time is over, and come on,
it's not like he's mixing up concrete in the backyard again this summer.

Because it's all gone and we got rid of that dang water table.