Christmas Hangover

28.12.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

We're not really ready to totally come out of our Christmas hangover, 
halfheartedly cleaning up the mess that is a result of cramming in all of our pre-Christmas to-do's (i.e. cookies for Santa, pans of homemade cinnamon rolls for our neighbors and Chistmas morning breakfast, plus last minute wrapping because you can't leave the house to get wrapping paper when your oldest has a nasty case of pink eye, courtesy of preschool, the week of Christmas), scrambling to find a temporary trike for Nelle at 10:30pm Christmas Eve night because flippin' Amazon Prime's two-day shipping didn't show up in two days, celebrating Christmas with gifts from Andrew and I, Santa, and Grandpa and Grandma from the farm all in one morning, cooking up a Christmas feast with toddlers underfoot and even using the fancy china, putting away four loads of laundry and packing in the dark of our sleeping kids' bedrooms on Christmas night to get ready to leave first thing the next morning to make it to Poppa and Gram's in Manhattan in time to open an entirely new set of gifts, play all day Saturday, try to comfort Nelle as she came down a yucky fever as a reaction to her flu mist she received last Wednesday afternoon, drive over to Hiawatha for a quick two-hour visit, before heading back to Wichita last night trying to beat the predicted eight inches of snow that ended up to be a bit of ice and a dusting of snow.  
I came downstairs during naptime to download photos from my camera onto my computer with a bowl full of Chex mix and dug in to find my favorite pieces, only to pull out a clump of staples that made it into the bag.  
There are bits of wrapping paper still scattering the floor, no one's bags are empty from our overnight trip, dishes are cluttering the kitchen counter, and I should probably figure out what we're having for dinner because we can't have grilled cheese again.  
Or should we...

Maybe tomorrow we'll go to the grocery store and start figuring out how all of the new dolls, tractors, trucks and toys are going to fit in this cozy little house of ours (answer = toy rotation), but until then, you can find us still in our pajamas, enjoying this lazy, blur of a week feeling especially blessed, full and loved.  And hopefully healthier.
 My featured image for this week's I Carry Your Heart post many good ones to go see!
Hoping you still have some merry, merry, merry left to carry you over to 2016.
P.S. Santa, sorry for the too-floury, rolled-out-too-many-times, too-flat gingerbread cookies this year.  We just couldn't quite get the concept of cutting cookies out in an orderly manner.  Pretty much the theme of our life this season.  Hugs and kisses!