A Toddler Donut Party

14.12.15 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Toddler birthday party agenda:

1. Show up...act a little shy/timid.
2. Ask to eat the birthday treat immediately.  
Get turned down.  38 seconds later, ask again.
I mean, it's been 38 FULL seconds.  
3. Give the party activity a shot.  Become distracted by other party guests arriving.  Wonder, have I seen them before...oh yes, at all the other birthday parties I attend because toddler social circles are strong.

4. Eat birthday treat.  OMG, finally.
5. Need a drink, need a drink, need a drink.
6. Birthday treat sugar kicks in.

7. Ahhhhh, there are presents here!!!!!

8. Run rampant while adults try to hold full conversations.  (Rookies.)
9. Chaos ensues.
10. Depart with party favor.  And a balloon.  And a tummy full of sugar.

2 balloon, pink donut balloons, and DARLING play wood donut balloon weights/favors - love of character
party hats, straws, plates, napkins - target
party dress - zara (old)
donut coloring page printable | everythingdesignish.com

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