Holy Blog Post

22.3.10 Ali Moore 2 Comments

Hi all.

Have you wondered where I've been? Doubtful. I'm pretty sure there are about three of you that read this blog, and that includes my mom who feels obligated because I email her every time I finish a new post and send her a note to go look at my newest pictures. And, then email her again to ask if she liked them. I am thinking maybe I should also start asking her to print them out and stick them on the front of her fridge because obviously I feel as though I need that kind of ten-year old attention.


Andrew was gone for eight days in LA. Can you believe it? Franklin and I survived without him, and Andrew, hater of all big cities, was in LA for that long! So, I thought of some fun things to blog about, but then knew if I did I would somehow mention that he was gone. And, then I kept thinking if I did that some rando creeper on the internet would find out I was alone and catch me in my house. So, I just didn't blog.

But I missed it. :)

So, here's a recap of what you missed (or didn't?):

All last week I stared at the list of things I wanted to do when Andrew was gone. Like paint our bathroom, clean the house, do the laundry. Didn't do any of them. But, I did baby Franklin, buy new tennis shoes - Reebok shape-ups - let's get my butt in gear!, buy new clothes at Target, etc. Target has cute, cute clothes right now, FYI.

I took puppy Frank to the vet last Wednesday for his check-up. He's 66 pounds and probably just about done growing. He's going to be a little guy, but that's okay with me because I can still pick him up and move him around if I have to. And, I feel like if he's little he will always look like a little bit of a puppy. So cute. He ate about two pounds of treats at the vet's. They always spoil him and tell him he's the cutest dog so naturally I like them. :) He was so worn out and just slept on the floor in my office for the rest of the afternoon.

Andrew came back on Friday, and I was supposed to pick him up around 7pm from the airport. I thought I'd clean the house really quickly after work and finish laundry before he got home. No sir. I had an awful allergy attack in the morning. I don't know if this is a real thing or not, but I literally went from feeling fine to feeling like I got hit by a truck in 30 minutes. I just kept sneezing and sneezing, then blowing then sneezing. It was horrible! What's worse is that I'm pretty sure I either sneezed something out of place in my back or pulled or pinched something because all of a sudden I had this sharp pain in my left shoulder blade. Then it just got worse and worse until my back was totally cramped up, and I couldn't move my neck. Does it mean you are really out of shape when you hurt yourself sneezing? Don't answer that. My back is just almost feeling normal today. Wow.

So, needless to say, I didn't get anything done while Andrew was gone. Except for shop. :) Saturday we cleaned house, watched K-State be awesome at basketball, and then Sunday we worked on our fireplace project! Woohoo! All of the ugly stones are gone. Finally. Now, we just have to get our replacement bricks in. Obviously this calls for new tools. Duh. And, we will order our mantle this week, too. So exciting. Until then, our family room will look like this. Oh boy.

What's the point of this rambling post? Not sure, but I am in Dallas until Thursday, sitting in my hotel room, pouting because my TV has no good stations and trying to keep myself preoccupied until I am tired enough to fall asleep. :)

Good night!


  1. Andrew was in LA?! How did he like it here? Minus the traffic of course! ALso, the exact same neck/back thing has happened to be recently and it last for weeks until it is back to normal! I feel your pain it sucks!I think we are getting to be old ladies!