Birthday Bash

12.3.10 Ali Moore 3 Comments

I turned 25 on Wednesday this week. And, had a great birthday!

Andrew surprised me with a great, great present. I really wanted Reebok shape-up tennis shoes. I figure if I am going to walk Franklin every morning I might as well see if I can get some added benefit out of it. So, I just assumed that is what he was getting me. Because we had talked about it. But, he was very sneaky and got me something even better than shoes.

A new camera! And not just a simple point and shoot. A very professional looking camera. So excited! I had mentioned wanting to get a big bad boy camera after a while. I really like photography and thought I might take it up as a fun hobby. Because let's face it people. I have ample time in Wichita since we have 3.5 friends. Okay, more than that but our social calendar is not exactly hopping.

So - really great gift, very thoughtful and proves Andrew is a really good listener. When he wants to be. :)
So, I'm predicting you'll be seeing a lot of Franklin pictures as I work on my photo skills. Lucky you. :) Franklin on the other hand is already tired of me trying to take pictures of him all the time. Poor guy.
And, to top off the birthday week, we went to the Bon Jovi concert last night at the new arena in Wichita. Ahhh, Jon. I just love him. He still looks good, sounds good, moves good - what's not to love?

Pretty sure Andrew picked up on some of his sweet dance moves. And will probably bust them out at the next wedding. Sorry, Brittany. You are welcome. Haha.


  1. How exciting!!! Adam and I love our camera. Pictures are so much better with them! Good luck with your photog experiments!

  2. That is a great camera! I can't wait to see the pictures. Also, nice choice on the video clip. Love. That. Song.

  3. Yay on a new camera!! You'll love playing with it!!!