In This House We Call a Home

10.4.17 Ali Moore 0 Comments

It's quickly setting in that our house won't actually be ours for much longer.

We're under contract (praise Jesus!!!) and scheduled to move mid-May.  Andrew and I had a whirlwind weekend with both of us working and juggling getting the kids to birthday parties, but he did manage to start boxing up a few things here and there.  Seeing bare walls in a few rooms and shelves starting to empty makes it REAL.  

I've already had several moments where I've gotten lost in nostalgia over these walls that have seen a LOT of life over the past eight years.

While we were in the chaos of showing our house and things were taking longer than this impatient lady could handle, I started getting defensive of this sweet house.
You know, she wasn't even my first choice. Of course Andrew remembers it differently, but it wasn't love at first sight for me. We knew we wanted to be in this neighborhood, and we wanted a ranch with a basement, so when this little gem popped up after looking for several months it was the right choice for us. There were lots of things that I didn't love about it, but Andrew was sure about this red brick house, and I knew we could make it more of what we wanted.

No, this place wasn't my dream house,
but she has been the place where dreams have taken life.

There's a big adventure ahead for us
once we get past the work of moving where more life will happen.
Good, good life.

Until then, we're going to jump on the bed first thing in the morning where the light streaks in from the east. More fire pit nights, more laps around the neighborhood just as it's coming to life with spring in parade fashion because two bikes, plus a stroller, and a dog totally justifies parade status, and more good, good life will happen.
Hard things too, sad things too, real life things too (like Nelle's dried ketchup on her belly in these pictures from the previous night's dinner...what can I say,
my children are ragamuffins.)

But good life, in the sun, in this house we call home.