1,803,041 Messes and 1,803,042 Cleaning Frenzies

21.2.17 Ali Moore 0 Comments

We're buying a new (old) house!!!

But first we have to sell ours, and I just know we will. Positive thinking, plus this feels like God working on all of this for us because it just feels like things are happening exactly when they're supposed to for us.

We listed last Monday and had our ninth showing this afternoon.

That means I've cleaned my house probably 1,803,042 times,
and the kids have made 1,803,041 messes.

It feels like we're living pretty day-to-day right now as showing requests have popped up anywhere from days in advance to an hour in advance. 
And overall I'd say it's going well.

Except for those too many times I've totally lost my temper on each of the kids because they just don't understand as I'm frantically trying to make alllll the beds why I don't want them climbing on alllll the beds.  Or why I've cleaned the glass doors to the backyard over and over and over again because #fingerprintsanddogbreath.

Have you ever seen this video?

This is pretty much me the thirty minutes before we have to leave for a showing.
Running frantically from room to room, fluffing pillows and eliminating all signs of actual life in our house while herding butterflies, I mean my kids, to the bathroom, into their clothes AGAIN because why can't anyone keep their clothes on?!?!, changing June's poopy diaper and wondering if our whole house is going to smell like poop because she always has to poop right before we leave, and then ushering them out the door and into the garage when Nelle goes into full on sloth mode while climbing up into the Suburban and takes FOR-EV-ER to buckle herself in.

No, really, it's going well.

So, last Friday when the kids didn't have school, we stayed at our house for the morning and made more messes than as of late and jumped on the bed.  And I took these pictures to remind myself that even though it feels like all work (cleaning) lately
and no play, there is play.

These little tornadoes are kind of the best at that.