T-Ball Awards

8.7.16 Ali Moore 0 Comments

If there are awards given out at the end of t-ball seasons, Henry miiiight not win MVP (although Andrew would give it to him because...sons), 
but he'd be probably win the most-likely-to-stand-in-front-of-his-teammates-
so-he-can-get-the-ball because in classic Henry form,
he wants to be where the action is.  Every time.

He'd also be a contender for the most-likely-to-draw-his-own-line-in-the-dirt-award after his coach drew one for him to show him where to stand.

I suppose this is better than winning the most-likely-to-play-in-the-dirt-award?  
Bathroom break.

As with most things in our life right now, t-ball season has been a family affair, and the girls have enjoyed it seemingly as much as Henry did.  So, I feel it's only fair to hand out awards to them too.
Nelle easily takes home most-bathroom-breaks-in-a-port-a-potty and most-likely-to-be-photographed.  Because look at her. 
Thankfully she didn't win at jersey chasing.

June Bug easily takes most-likely-to-spill-her-water...all over herself, all over the blanket, all over the chairs, all over us.  And most improved player('s sister) for the impressive way she can now stand unassisted.  No one else did that this season.  
She knew she had it in the bag.

Henry's team always started the games by throwing their arms in the air and yelling, "we're going to have fun!".

And I think they did.

Between the herding technique of chasing after the ball when it rolled into the outfield, other times screaming in unison as they charged towards it after it barely left the swinging bat, and snacks.  Snacks!  Of course they had fun.  

We all did.