Tackle Boxes

28.6.16 Ali Moore 0 Comments

We went back to Hiawatha for the weekend to soak up some good family time.  
Gosh, it was so nice to be around my brother and sister-in-law and their family, Andrew's cousins, brothers and parents.  We didn't have much on the agenda, and that's kind of been our theme for the summer.

I have been relishing in the slower start to our mornings 
without the dash to preschool drop off. We typically get a cool morning walk in after breakfast, and then I get the kids situated with playdough or cartoons and actually get to sit and drink an entire cup of coffee without reheating it five times. 

We got over the initial transition of school to no school and had such a breezy start to June, and then the last couple of weeks have been tryyyyyyying.  

I really struggle with maintaining the stamina and patience and energy it takes to deal with the combination of extreme will + highly active + orneriness.  All. Day. Every. Day.  Oh, and the girls!  Ha!  So anytime there can be extra hands around, I'm all in.

This little fishing adventure was so much fun.  Henry literally jumped for joy every time someone hooked a fish, which happened a lot because we caught the fish on a cooperative day.  Or a hungry day.  Or whatever...we just caught them!

It was a good morning, and we sure needed that.

One of these days, I'm going to figure out the right gear to throw in my parenting tackle box, and we'll get a few of these good mornings and good afternoons turned into an entire good day, and there will be more jumping for joy.