21.1.16 Ali Moore 0 Comments

It kind of feels like the last time the sun was shining was when I took these photos of the kids last week on our bed one early morning when the sun streams 
in the very best way.  
We've had a lot of early wake up calls lately thanks to our firstborn.  (Go figure.)  
Henry has been our alarm clock since 2012, and when that dirty blonde rooster starts crowing earlier and earlier into the wee hours of the morning, it's a sure sign that he's not feeling well, and sure enough we found out Monday morning that he has his second ear infection since Christmas break due to an ear tube that's already made its way out, only put in last summer.  We go to the ENT in a few weeks, which if I had to guess, 
will end in another scheduled ear tube surgery...Henry's third in three years.
Maybe they can super glue this one in 
or at least put some sort of year-long guarantee on it.


(But not.)

I was just thinking this winter was cruising right along until this grey, grey cold week hit, and we all are sniffling with a bit of a cold, and suddenly the days are all running together, and I'm having a hard time deciphering between Tuesday or Saturday 
and anything in between.
Sometimes that's okay.  I have mostly enjoyed the slowness of this season, using it to work on a few personal projects and some professional development and finding new ways to keep three little ones happy and not destroying our house for just one more hour until Andrew comes home from work each day.  We've so enjoyed our Tuesday and Thursday mornings when I don't have to rush feeding, dressing, and wrangling three little ones into the car in order to drop Henry off by 8:15 for preschool.  We stay in our jammies a bit longer, make homemade waffles, read stacks and stacks of books, and play until June's ready for her morning nap, and I can sneak into the shower.
And other times I just really miss the sun.
 That boundless energy and's no match for winter.
 It may be grey now, but it won't be for long.
The sun shines wherever this boy goes.