California Dreamin

21.5.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

A few of my favorites from our kidless trip to Palm Spring/Laguna/Santa Monica two weeks ago when I wasn't wiping bottoms, and planning my day around naptime, and vacuuming up dirt covering my entire front room after I just vacuumed it that morning.

As wonderful as it is to travel and see new things and gain new experiences, to put your feet in the ocean and feel small,
to have meal after meal after meal prepared for you, cleaned up for you, where adult conversation can be had
and no one is asking to sit on your lap and eat the good stuff off of your plate...'s always better to get home.  
And I love ours. 

Our simple, easy life in land-locked Kansas.  
With the little rascals I was homesick for just four days into our trip that drive me crazy.