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Henry's on day three of acting like a rabid animal trapped in his bedroom during naptime instead of actually napping.

It's been a phase the last few weeks and makes me think of all the fun we'll all have 
when he and Nelle have to share a room come late summer when the baby arrives.

Oh my poor, sweet, sweet Nelle.
Sometimes he takes his drawers out of his dresser and pulls his clothes out and throws them all over the room.  
Sometimes he removes every book from the bookshelves and puts them in a pile on his bed, beside his bed, or under his bed.

One time he wiped butt paste all over the back of his door.

Sometimes he takes his pants off.  And puts on different pants.  Or just takes his diaper off too.

This week he's been a combination of destructive and just plain loud.  Which makes it impossible for me to nap even though I'm practically falling asleep by lunch time and very difficult for Nelle to nap who reallllly needs it as she's currently transitioning from two naps to just one.

Yesterday he sat on his bed screaming, "MOM!"  "MAHMMMMM!" reminiscent of Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers.  
(If I find Ham in a robe asking me for meat loaf, I'm going to lose it.)

30 minutes ago I just found him chewing on one of his semi truck wheels he disassembled yesterday 
hanging on to the curtain rod he just pulled out of the wall.  Andrew will be psyched about that one.
And just now he was staring at me from the top of the stairs after removing the child lock on the inside of his door 
and walking through the house to find me.

I mean, I probably sound like a broken record.

But, there are toddlers.
And then there are toddler Hams.  

Oh. Emmmmm. G.  


And then he is the sweetest.
photo featured in week six of i carry your heart
Like the time when he looked at me while I was making him a PBJ for lunch, and he said, "I really love you Mommy."
Or when he says, "I love my familyyyyyy!" out of nowhere.
And says, "Otaaaaay Mommy" to everything all the live long day.
Or when I told him we were going to meet Andrew for lunch at Jason's Deli, and he said, "I can't believe it!"
Or when he told me he could fix the remote because "I a man Mom."
 Or when he unprompted started rubbing my belly and asked if the baby was going to to come out of my belly button.

These are the things I will tell your future wife, Henry, when you have a son, and he's a sweet, loving, terror of a child just like you.  
Hang in there.  The sweet moments make the ridiculous ones just a teeny less ridiculous.
Now take a flippin nap.