A Cup of Hot Cocoa as Sweet as She

9.12.14 Ali Moore 1 Comments

I'm not sure how it happened, but our sweet baby girl Nelle turns ONE tomorrow.  
I'm convinced the poem "sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of" was written specifically for her 
because she is the sweetest, smiliest, little lady we could have ever dreamed of.

We celebrated her birthday with family and friends on Saturday post afternoon naps, and I caught myself saying multiple times, 
"I think this is my favorite party yet!".  

Mainly because I think I've finally found somewhat of a formula that lets me DIY most of the party ourselves, but still enjoy it.
 (Which is why there are literally zero partying photos to share because I was having too much fun!) 

We picked a time that worked with our kids' nap schedules AND doesn't fall during a meal time.  
It is exhausting putting a meal together for 30+ adults and kids.  

Since we've already hosted two of Ham's birthday parties, 
we're starting to accumulate some super basic decor that can be interchanged between theme after theme.

And...I scaled back.  

I just came out of my busiest fall photo season ever (hence the weeks and weeks of silence on this blog), 
and do not have the energy to go above and beyond.  

We had cake for adults and cupcakes for kids.  

A serve-yourself hot cocoa bar.
A combo favor/activity to keep little toddlers entertained.

And a birthday girl who maybe looked like she had already done this cake thing a time or two.
And that's it.
Well, that, and a gorgeous rocking horse that Andrew made in a satellite North Pole workshop called our freezing garage. 
Just the perfect simple setup to celebrate our sweet Nelle.
 Tomorrow's your day, girl!  Love you so.

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  1. A perfect laid back party for a perfect laid back girl! And the rocking horse...amazing! Good work, Handy Andy!

    Happy Birthday, sweet Nelle!!!! XO